Once you receive your activation code, and are ready to install, refer to the 3 steps below to activate your new map update:

  • Be sure to insert Disc 1 into your navigation system. You will need to enter your activation code before your map will begin the update process.
  • Once the system is done updating, insert Disc 2 into your system.
  • Remove the disc. Travel Safely.

You have the disc—now you need the activation code.
Please see the frequently asked questions below:

Why did I receive this DVD?
Our records show that you own a vehicle with a navigation system. To empower your navigation system to perform at its very best, a new map update is released on an annual basis with hundreds of thousands of new points of interest. In an effort to help save you the cost of shipping fees, we’ve decided to send the DVD to you.

Is there a cost to activate this map update?
Yes. The cost to update is $199. You have the disc, but in order for the disc to work, you need an activation code to unlock it. Once you pay $199, you will instantly receive an activation code to unlock the disc.

What do I do with this DVD?
Once you decide to update your navigation system, click here to enter your VIN and purchase your activation code. Then insert Disc 1 into the appropriate drive in your vehicle. The system will prompt you for the activation code, and the update process will automatically begin.

Why should I buy a map update?
Think about everything that has changed in just the last year. Thousands of miles of new roads have been built, along with hundreds of bridges, tunnels, and subdivisions. Hundreds of thousands of restaurants, gas stations, ATM’s, hotels, and other destinations have opened, or closed. Map updates help save time and fuel by providing you with the "shortest and fastest routes" to your next destination.

What will happen if I place my disc in my navigation system and I haven’t gone through the purchase process?
Your system will prompt you for the activation code. The map cannot be updated without the activation code. Since you do not have an activation code the new disc will not work. In order to continue using your navigation system you will need to either place the original disc back in the navigation or purchase the activation code for this new disc.

What do I do if I purchase my activation code and it doesn’t work?
In a rare event that this may occur, please have your VIN number along with your activation code readily available when you call 866.335.5628 for assistance.

How often do I need to purchase a map update?
The purchase of an update map is optional and not required for continued operation of your navigation system. However, update maps offer a wealth of features and new information you may find helpful. The road network and the Points of Interest (POI) are constantly changing which is why maps are updated, approximately once a year. With a new map release you can be confident that you have the latest information available for your navigation system, providing you with the most efficient route to your next destination whether on business or pleasure.

For further questions, comments or concerns, or to place your order by phone, call 866.335.5628

Navigation System Update Instructions

System application update must be installed prior to the navigation map update.

Important Notes:


Navigation Map Update Instructions

Important Notes:


Getting Help
For technical questions or problems regarding your newly purchased map update product, please contact your local dealership.

Click here to download full instructions.